We invite you to join us...SERVICES BEGIN AT 10:30 AM


Coffee social hour follows the service.
Our main floor is accessible for disabled persons via our front entrance.
Child care  is provided for pre-school aged children.

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May 7
Sharing Our Passion for the Arts 
Various members of UUCJ will be sharing original visual arts, music and written pieces of art. Audrey Dowling

May 14
An Introduction to UU History and Beliefs
This sermon is designed especially for newcomers, visitors and rusty old members. It is a religious history which recognizes that moral values and scientific knowledge evolve along with the conditions of human existence. A few examples are perceptions of the nature of slavery, women’s right to vote, child labor and homosexuality. Our religion evolved from a group of Protestants who dissented from mainstream Christian assumptions, to become a separate, unique humanistic religion, without a required doctrine. Dr. Victor will help you to understand how this happened and where we are today. Jeffrey Victor, PhD

May 21
A Simple Heart 
St. Francis and St. Clare brought a new kind of spiritual understanding to Christianity, one that continues to inspire many today. In this service, we'll consider what this understanding is and how it is reflected as well in Buddhist teachings.
Rev. Theresa Kime

May 28
Flower Communion
Don’t forget to bring flowers! 
Anne Kenefic